Lenparrot Double EP « Naufrage » & « Aquoibonism » - AC33


The time for a lonesome escape, inspired by a Baxter Dury’s song, Romain Lallement, under the alias LENPARROT, went digging the pop’s marrow to extract some minimalist groove. Under a dark electronic cloud, the singer flirts with ghost rhythms in an endless quest of elegance and emotion. His music, a bleak but brilliant pop, is governed by a heartbroken spleen. For ghost riders, the Nantes based musician (Rhum for Pauline’s frontman and keyboardist for Pegase) is surrounded by Maethelvin and Olivier Deniaud as producer and stage partner.

After a first sold out EP, « Aquoibonism », released on tape on May 2015, LENPARROT offers us a second one « Naufrage », out February 10th on Atelier Ciseaux.
The record will be available on a 12’ « double EP » with « Naufrage » on the A side and his first EP, « Aquoibonism » on the B side.



Out February 10, 2016

Black vinyl 12’ + mp3
Limited to 300 copies
Printed Inner sleeves w/ lyrics

Double EP « Naufrage » & « Aquoibonism »
« Aquoibonism » was released on tape in May 2015 (sold out)


EP « Naufrage »

A1 The Hidden Track
A2 Halo Highway
A3 Amedeo’s Wife
A4 Dévot
A5 Oath, Part II feat. Julien Gasc

EP « Aquoibonism »

B1 Les Yeux En Cavale
B2 Inner Place
B3 A Fake Prophet
B4 Mondegreens
B5 Gena


written & composed by LENPARROT
produced by Maethelvin & Olivier Deniaud
mastered by Luis Calderon at Studio Martyrs, Paris.

Special Thanks to Julien Gasc
Naufrage is in loving memory of Wacim El Hefny.

Artwork by à deux doigts

LP = Sorry, sold out