11 March 2018

We will be celebrating our 10th anniversary in October and it’s now the time to share some anecdotes/ adventures !

In August 2008, I was in NYC to eat hot dogs and have some holidays. One morning, I checked my emails, on a computer where I had to insert coins to be connected to the wifi, and I received this message :« Dear customer, we have a problem with your production. A part of the artwork is missing ».

It was a message from the printing company about our first release, the Francois Viro t debut album « Yes Or No ». I was totally freaking out ! I had sent out the artwork via the post office (a big big mistake !). I didn’t know what to do except from inserting more and more coins into the machine. Really stressed out, it ruined a part of my holidays but some days later, the problem was solved. With the support of some friends we found a solution to send it via internet. I never knew which part of the artwork was missing and I’m sill pretty pretty sure I sent all they needed.

In the end, the record is great but we received it too late for the release party. For a first experience, it has not been without struggle but we couldn’t dream better for a first release. Thanks again to Clapping Music & François Virot for letting us release this album on vinyl.

We will try to share more stories regularly. Yes or no ?


01 September 2016


We received a “postcard” from Canada !  47°10 N 71°22 O

27 October 2015


No food, no porn ! Only records ! Photo shoot with our friend Anthony !

30 July 2015


We received a “postcard” !

30 June 2015


Demain, pour échapper à la canicule, on passera des disques “frais” pendant la kermesse graphique de Kiblind . RDV au Transbo (Lyon) à partir de 19 h ! Infos par ICI !