Lenparrot Aquoibonism - AC29


The time for a lonesome escape, inspired by a Baxter Dury’s song , Romain Lallement, under the alias LENPARROT, went digging the pop’s marrow to extract some minimalist groove. Under a dark electronic cloud, the singer flirts with ghost rhythms in an endless quest of elegance and emotion. His music, a bleak but brilliant pop, is governed by a heartbroken spleen. For ghost riders, the Nantes based musician (Rhum for Pauline’s frontman and keyboardist for Pegase) is surrounded by Maethelvin and Olivier Deniaud as producer and stage partner.

After a first excerpt, “Les Yeux En Cavale” looking like a disco-noir road trip where the horizon hits the steel sheet, LENPARROT offers us a second track, “A Fake Prophet”, from his upcoming EP. The night landscape and the ghosts abandoned on the road’s side come alive and are guided by those ethereal melodies and an almost possessed voice.



Out May 05, 2015

Pink tape + mp3 & remixes
Limited to 100 copies
Dubbed on both side
Made in Canada & France


Les Yeux En Cavale
Inner Place
A Fake Prophet


Written & composed by LENPARROT
Produced by Maethelvin & Olivier Deniaud
with the great help of Anoraak
Mastered by Luis Calderon
Artwork by A Deux Doigts

Tape = Sorry, sold out