CAM MACLEAN Wait For Love - AC41


Cam Maclean, one half of Montreal duo Vesuvio Solo, returns with his first solo LP, Wait for Love. The record drives forward the soft rock aesthetic honed on Vesuvio Solo ’s last two releases, but with greater lyrical introspection and nods to disparate influences and genres. Featuring intricate guitar parts and an impressive falsetto, Maclean draws on personal experience to explore heartache, loss, contemporary masculinity and redemption.



Out July 06, 2018

Limited black tape edition (w/ mp3)


A1. Sunshine
A2. New Jerusalem
A3. Wait for Love
A4. Light Cast

B1. Desire
B2. Jacob Always
B3. Where I Go
B4. Sleepwalking


All songs written and performed by Cam Maclean, with additional arrangement by Adam Wilcox
Produced and recorded by Adam Wilcox
Additional production by Patrick Gregoire

Design by Jeremy Dabrowski
The photo is by Nicholas Howe

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