Richie Woods Wow cool - AC32


We figure him sleepy under a blanket of dust and broken glass. Yet, with this first album, “Wow Cool”, RICHIE WOOD Stakes you on a rough trip for lonely souls. Unknown direction, stray dogs in the rear-view mirror.
A drunkenness romance, Buffalo’ 66’s VHS’ way, where we hear whispering “I wanna make love in this club cause I’m dumb and I miss you”. Richie plays with time, nostalgia and offers us a first brilliant and surrealist album where he enjoys tearing the fragile skin of daily to metamorphose it into small quasi radiant hymns (the lover “Wendy” or the ironic “Money is Everythign”. As if, at dawn, the scum of sadness at the corner of your mouth turned into a vaguely amused smile.



Out December 15, 2015

Black tape + mp3
Limited to 50 copies
Made in Canada


Side A

Thanks dad
Im yr dog
Money is everythign
Black dog

Side B

Pink fizz
Pineapple slush
Food porno
Rip richie
Bury me
Yr a cat
Sry seymour
Peach overalls


written and recorded by Richie
Athylia paremski: cello/vocals - black dog, money is everythign, pineapple slush, pink fizz, rip richie, peach overalls
Jenny Yu: omnichord - money is everythign
Greta Kline: talkin - rip richie, sry seymour

Mastered by Warren Hildebrand

Tape = Sorry, sold out