Reading Rainbow & Coasting Split - AC09


A party on a roof in the midst of a forest. Our beings are being carried away by a non-existent storm. Throws us against saturated trees. 1, 2 and 3. After the Best Coast/ Jeans Wilder and Mathemagic/ Young Prisms split-7″s, it is now time for Coasting and Reading Rainbow to share a record. 4 songs !

Reading Rainbow is Sarah and Rob from Philadelphia. A few 7″s and an album just released on Hozac. 4 songs. Coasting is Madison (Dream Diary) and Fiona (Vivian Girls) from New-York. A couple of 7″s on M’ladys and Group Tightener Records.

Tornado pop, lo-fi smiles, thundery melodies and garage heartbeats.



Out December 08, 2010

Black vinyl 7" + mp3
Reverse side cardboard, 350gsm
Limited to 350 copies
Free screen-printed tiger-poster for the 50 first orders


Side A or B: Reading Rainbow

Can't stand it (Velvet Underground cover)

Side B or A: Coasting

What you wanted


Artwork by Jeremy Perrodeau
Poster by Sarah Everton

Split-7" = Sorry, sold out