Police Des Moeurs Les mécanismes de la culpabilité - AC18


“Bad choices, bad actions, bending bones. “If I could just start over…” only to make the same mistakes. I blame myself, but I won’t flee. I’ll absorb. Go down, go down, go deeper. I’ll choose the synthesizers and attack myself. Tell myself to fuck off, live again and change. The sound of days that manage to overcome the most violent of regrets.”

POLICE DES MOEURS  is a synth-pop band formed in Montreal in 2010. Members are Francis, Anouk, Fred and Catherine. They play cold, melodic and nostalgic music for broken hearts and dark minds. Police Des Moeurs is the soundtrack for the nuclear night, a transition moment between the end of utopia and the final ecological disaster. The world after the future. .. READ MORE

The church on the cover, named “Église Le Chemin du Paradis” (Heaven’s Path Church) is located on 1640 Papineau street, Montreal.



Out May 30, 2013

Solid white vinyl + mp3
Limited to 250 copies


Side A

Nos tristesses se rejoignent ici
Tu as honte parfois

Side B

Encore une fois
Ce sera un temps de malheur
No Time to Be 21 (The Adverts cover)


Artwork by Atelier Ciseaux
Pic by JNL/ RL

EP = Sorry, sold out