Jeans Wilder & Best Coast Split - AC06


We forgot what time it was. You keep on talking about a Pavement’s song that crashes your heart into a wall. The stereo is murdering hit tunes by Connie Francis, Nirvana and The Beach Boys. Kissing for the first time. A twinge in the throat. Then doing it again.

Previously heard as Fantastic Magic with partner-in-crime Nathan Williams ( Wavves ), Andrew Caddick aka the sensitive Jeans Wilder. Best Coast is a long love letter to California. Written by Bethany Cosentino, once half of psychedelic/primitive duet Pocahaunted . .. READ MORE

Ghost pop. Lo-fi surfing on asphalt wore away by the late sixties. Two tracks haunted by the summer. A tidal wave in a bathroom.



Out January 18, 2010

Black 7" + mp3
Limited to 350 copies
Double front covert


Side A or B: Jeans Wilder

Tough guys

Side B or A: Best Coast

Up All Night


Artwork by Jeremy Perrodeau

Split-7" = Sorry, sold out