Ela Orleans Mars is heaven - ACLSR5


The record consist of 8 songs inspired by Ray Bradbury’s “Mars is Heaven”. The story was written in 1948.
Earth astronauts go to Mars and find that all their loved ones are there, in an idyllic and happy little town. They are convinced that Mars is actually heaven,where you go when you die. Soon enough, they are lured away from guarding their spaceship, and the aliens who had been telepathically projecting this entire illusion kill them all. (EO)



Out November 08, 2011

Black 12"
Limited to 300 copies
Reverse side cardboard (350 gsm)
Co-released w/ La Station Radar


Side A

Black and white flight
Mars is heaven part one
Planet mars
Take my hand ***

Side B

Mars is heaven part two
Into the woods
Wonderful us


*** "Take My Hand"
Originally written by Robert Brylewski
and Tomek Lipinski of Brygada Kryzys
"Cosmopolis" LP 1992, Poland ©.

Recorded and mixed in Ridgewood, New York, 2011.
Mastered by Carl Clandestine

Artwork by Fleur D.

Photo by Justyna Nasilowska

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