Dreamboy Endings - AC34


DREAMBOY is the project of Canadian musician and singer­-songwriter Esther Isabel Munits. After moving to Montréal in early 2012, Esther released her first EP, Negative Feelings. After some extensive traveling with Canadian synth­-pop group TR/ST as their touring keyboard player, Esther returned to Montréal to record her sophomore EP, Endings .

This EP is a farewell letter to the first chapter of Esther’s formative years in Montréal which were punctuated by broken hearts, long nights and wavering dreams.



Out May 24, 2016

Pink Transparent tape
Limited to 75 (w/mp3)


On That Dark Cold Morning
Only Friend
Road Raging (Blue Angel)


Written, arranged & produced by Esther Isabel Munits
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Patrick Gregoire at Topmix Studios, Montreal.

Thank you to my family for their love & support.
Special thank you to Ben Borden, Pat Gregoire, Zoe Koke, Ray Lavers, Bryce Cody, Roberts Alfons, Anne Gauthier, Olivia Herron & Daphné Boxer